Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my log or timber frame home cost to build?

Estimating the cost of a custom log/timber frame home is always a bit of a challenge. Each home we build is unique in design and therefore has different associated costs. For example, with regard to the log work, the more complex the structure, the more expensive it will be. Size is a factor as well. When determining a construction budget it is important to be realistic and always keep the final budget in mind during the design process. Our designers will help ensure that the home design will fit within your stated budget.

The costs of construction also vary depending on the job site location. It is simply more expensive to build in some areas than in others. In addition, a remote building location will cost more than an accessible location.

The single most important tool to predict costs and establish a realistic budget is a well-developed set of plans. The only way to accurately estimate the cost of construction is to develop detailed architectural and engineered plans and get quotes from qualified builders/general contractors in your area based on those plans. In short, without complete construction documents, you are simply getting everyone’s best guess based on the limited information you provide them—and we do not recommend using those numbers for serious planning. Instead, we recommend that you get real quotes (or at least highly educated, detailed estimates) from contractors in the area in which you plan to build—all based on detailed architectural, engineered plans.

Cost Factors:

  • Location, location, location
  • Building site specs
  • Accessibility
  • Soil type
  • Home design
  • Size
  • Architectural complexity
  • Log or timber style
  • Quality and type of finish materials
  • Amenities

Bottom line, if you are considering building a handcrafted log or timber frame home, your minimum budget needs to be $250-$300 per square foot for the main and second floors; garages and finished basements generally start at $125-$150 per square foot. That being said, your building location can dramatically increase the cost per square foot. For example, if you want to build in a resort area, you can double the figures noted above.

Rough Estimate Example for a Typical 2,500 Sq. Ft. Log/Timber Frame Home:

Square Footage Cost Per Square Foot Cost Per Area
1,500 sq. ft. main floor $250-$300 sq. ft. $375,000-$450,000
1,000 sq. ft. second floor $250-$300 sq. ft. $250,000-$300,000
1,500 sq. ft. finished basement $100-$150 sq. ft. $150,000-$225,000
576 sq. ft. two-car garage (24’x24’) $100-$150 sq. ft. $57,600-$86,400
Minimum Turnkey Cost $833,375-$1,061,400

The turnkey estimate covers every aspect of the home—from building the foundation to moving in—including finishes, log or timber/timber frame work, and services such as electricity, plumbing, etc. It does not include the cost of the property or any site improvements.

Realistically, if the aforementioned minimum figures fall outside of your budget, we recommend that you pursue traditional stick frame construction.

To learn more about the importance of budgeting and items to consider, download our PDF.

Can you mail me a catalog?

We do not provide printed catalogs. Years ago, we decided to rely solely on our website to fully display our work. We encourage you to explore all our website has to offer.

Where does Summit ship their products?

We ship our products worldwide.

How do I get started on my new home project? What are the necessary steps and in which order should I go about them?

  1. Establish a realistic budget for your home by researching the turnkey pricing (the cost of a finished home) in the area that you are planning to build.
  2. Do a pre-qualification with a mortgage lender that specializes in log/timber frame homes, to make sure the cost of what you want to build matches your borrowing abilities.
  3. Have concept plans developed.
  4. Start interviewing for a general contractor to build your home. At this point, you can start to pull in estimated construction costs.
  5. Have your final drawings completed and begin developing contracts to start construction on your new log/timber frame home.

What species of logs are available?

Our Milled Log Homes: We use primarily Spruce, although Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are also available.

Our Handcrafted, Dovetail, and Timber Frame Homes: We use Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

How much will it cost to ship my log package?

Freight to your job site is included in our log and timber frame pricing.

Can we create and submit our own floor plans for an estimated cost?

Yes, you can. Many of the log homes we design and build are based on the ideas of our clients. These ideas often come from our plans or are a combination of plans that the client would like to incorporate into their log/timber frame home. We can provide estimates based on your designs. However, the estimate will only be as accurate as the information you provide.

Other questions?

If you have addition questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you.