Home Styles

There are three types of homes we specialize in building—Handcrafted, Milled and Timber Frame.

You can also combine styles—imagine a Handcrafted Home with Timber Frame accents or vice versa.

Handcrafted and Timber Frame Examples


Let’s take a look at handcrafted homes. Our handcrafted log homes are built out of peeled logs with the idea of preserving the natural beauty and shape of each tree.

Characteristics & Features

  • Built by hand
  • Mortise and Tennon joinery
  • Each tree meticulously harvested for its beauty and character
  • Each log carefully selected for its location in the home
  • Large-diameter logs
  • Tapered logs (the natural contour and shape of each tree)
  • Flared ends or bottoms
  • Curved or bent logs
  • Draw-knife or our unique Latewood finish
  • The presence of natural characteristics, such as: knots, burls, compression wood, etc.
  • Log truss work... We use a variety of log truss configurations for visual appeal

Handcrafted Home Styles

Full Scribe Style Home


Full-Scribe log joinery is the oldest form of log home construction. Its techniques are thousands of years old and have remained virtually unchanged. However, today we use modern cutting and shaping tools, like chainsaws and planers, to achieve the desired results. With Full-Scribe, logs are stacked horizontally on top of each another to construct the log walls throughout the home. This includes some interior walls, if so desired. The walls intersect at interlocking saddle or diamond-notch corners. Many of our homes have flared ends that are staggered to create stunning architectural interest—what we call, “the Wow!”

Piece en Piece

Piece en Piece

Piece en Piece is essentially the same as Full-Scribe, but rather than interlocking cross corners, log walls terminate to a vertical log post. This type of log construction works well with designs that require minimal settling.

Post and Beam Style Home

Post & Beam

Post & Beam is constructed like a Timber Frame structure, but in place of square timbers, round logs are used for the structural framework of the building. Conventional framing materials or Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are used to fill in between the log wall posts. Exterior walls are often covered with a wood siding or stucco, and the use of natural or cultured stone accents can help add rustic beauty to the finished home. Log Post & Beam is a great way to have a log home with unparalleled interior design versatility. Mix different interior colors and textures to accent the log work.

Fusion Style Home


A new term being used in our industry is "Hybrid." First, to us, this means different building styles are combined to create a unique home.

Fusion is a blend of Full-Scribe and Post & Beam styles. Envision a Post & Beam style home, with a few rows of horizontal logs at the base of the exterior walls.

Now, also imagine one of our Full-Scribe, log Post & Beam or Fusion style homes with Timber Frame elements in the great room roof or entry way. Or, how about a Timber Frame home with log posts and beams used for character pieces in highly visible areas.

Summit Mountain Retreat Style Home

Hybrid Log or Summit Mountain Retreat

Our Summit Mountain Retreat style is a "Hybrid" log home.

"Hybrid," in this case, would integrate log construction elements with conventional stick framing. Picture a beautiful stick built home with a log entryway and log truss work with beams or rafters in the roof.

The Summit Mountain Retreat/Hybrid style is designed with a limited budget in mind.

Hybrid style features log accents used in areas where they will have maximum visual effect.


Milled log homes use timbers that have been machine cut to make them consistent in size and appearance.

Milled Log Home

Characteristics & Features

  • Machine cut to consistent size and appearance—wall log diameters: 10", 12" and 15"
  • Dry standing timber—19% or less moisture content
  • Wood species: Spruce, Pine and Douglas Fir
  • "Hand hewn" or smooth log finish
  • Full-round and "D"-profiles
  • TP graded
  • Swedish cope profile
  • Blue Max log fasteners
  • Precision saddle notch corners
  • Sashco Log Builder sealant supplied for the laterals and saddle notch corners
  • Full length wall logs to minimize butt joints
  • Half-log siding available

We're not your run of the mill log home company

Milled Log Home Exterior

Our Industry-Exclusive Pre-Stacked Milled Log Package

The most complete and detailed milled log work on the market today. Even if you don't have access to an experienced log builder, our pre-stacked package will give you professional results. Like our handcrafted log homes, we pre-build the log work to ensure completeness and accuracy. No other milled log home company pre-assembles their log package before it’s shipped. This attention to detail avoids costly problems that are otherwise not detected (like miss-cuts or missing logs) until you assemble the package on your site.

Milled Log Home Bedroom
  • Windows cut to finished sizes and with bevel cuts; trim details and drip edges pre-cut
  • Doors cut to finished sizes with bevel cuts, and trim details pre-cut
  • Slip joints cut in around windows and doors
Milled Log Home Joinery Detail
  • Log walls drilled for electrical chases, electrical boxes cut, and logs flattened at electrical boxes to properly fit trim plate
  • Wall logs notched for log stringers and log floor joists
  • Log posts notched to accept log beams

Milled Log Living Room
  • Log posts flattened (where needed)
  • Log floor joists flattened to receive finished decking
  • Log ridge beams, log rafters, and log purlins flattened to receive finished decking
  • Pre-build log trusses
Milled Log Home Kitchen
  • Cut archways
  • Swept corners pre-cut
  • An experienced log builder to supervise the log stacking of your home
  • Ongoing technical support before and after the log stacking

Timber Frame / Hybrid Timber Frame

Summit Log and Timber Homes, Inc. represents a level of quality spawned from the European heritage of our trade. We carry on the tradition of old-world craftsmanship in each project we complete. In every aspect of a job—design, materials selected, manufacturing process and delivery—you can be assured that our attention to detail and care in construction is the best in the industry.

Timber frame home
Timber frame design

Drafting, Home Design & Logistics

For each project, our drafting team produces 3D concept designs for quoting purposes, then fully detailed construction plans and shop drawings for approval before any wood is cut. We work with the general contractor, framing crew, truss manufacturers and any other relevant sub trades to ensure that all measurements are accurate and you receive a package that installs smoothly and fits perfectly.

Timber frame stairs

Joinery, Test-Fitting & Installation

Our joiners cut and pre-assemble each structure in our 14,000 sq. ft. shop to ensure each connection fits perfectly before it is shipped. Each connection is clearly labelled, both on a set of plans and on the pieces. When our package arrives at your construction site you will have clear plans and clearly labelled pieces. When you install the package with your builder’s crew or ours, many of our most elaborate structures can assemble in just a few days.

Timber frame Materials

Materials and Workmanship

Located on British Columbia’s West Coast, we have access to an abundant supply of premium quality timbers, directly from the source. We offer mature Douglas Fir, Cedar and other fiber in No. 1 to clear grades. By default, our timbers are cut 90% free of heart center (without the core), which minimizes checking and twisting of the wood as the structure ages. The result is a structure that is as beautiful in 30 years as the day it was installed.

Timber frame construction

Timber Frame Construction

Summit Log and Timber Homes, Inc. will provide any level of delivery required, from raw timber supply to a fully assembled and pre-finished structure. Although we regularly work on high-end residential Hybrid Timber Frame and Timber Frame applications, we are able to deliver projects on any scale—from simple cosmetic details (i.e., Hybrid Timber Frame) to fully structural timber frames. For both applications, we can provide a SIP (structural insulated panel) engineered wall system. Each wall piece arrives on-site, pre fit to the timber structure for fast and easy installation.

Timber frame finishing


Our timbers are planned, hand-sanded and stained or oiled to your specifications. We use premium quality BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR™ stains and finishes that offer the best wear and longevity possible. When the time comes for maintenance on your timbers we can supply the exact stain that was used and expert advice for preparation and application.