Qualicum Beach Cottage

Qualicum Beach Cottage

A charming vacation home by the water

The homeowners wanted to build a warm vacation getaway with water views. They chose to build a small, cottage near Qualicum Beach where they can enjoy all of nature's beautiful surroundings.

More Details

  • Location: Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada
  • Home Style: Handcrafted, Full-Scribe, Piece en Piece
  • Total Square Ft. – Main Floor & Loft: 1,079 sq. ft.
    • Main Floor: 650 sq. ft.
    • Loft: 429 sq. ft.
  • About Pricing: Please view our pricing guide for details.

Log or Timber Work

  • Wood species: Western Red Cedar
  • Average Wall Log Diameter: 12" - 14"
  • Surface Finish: Latewood
  • Stain: Timber Pro Coatings Canada TR-16 Pine Cone Traditional (Exterior 100%; Interior 100%)
  • Special Features:
    • Cedar flares (trusswork, posts and beams, roof members)
    • Signature Summit truss

Floor Plan

Thank you for not only creating a beautiful cottage for us but also making the whole process from design to completion so enjoyable. Good feelings and pride radiate throughout your group. Our family loves the cozy yet elegant atmosphere of this character log home. Our cottage is located in a seaside area with beautiful natural scenery and many large homes and when you see people pass by, virtually everyone will stop and admire the cottage with a nostalgic smile. - Hansson family